What we do…… We provide a Personal Injury Law Firm that people can trust.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We achieve our mission by making sure our clients are able to receive the medical attention they NEED. We achieve our mission by fighting to get our clients every last piece of compensation they are entitled to. And we achieve our mission by providing our clients with customer service that is authentic and trustworthy.

We are not your stereotypical law firm.


  • In 2011, Bailey was admitted to The Georgia Bar.

  • It took Bailey less than 3 months to reach over $1 Million in Settlements for his clients when he started practicing law.

  • At the end of his first year Bailey reached over $6.75 Million in Settlements.

  • In 2013 Bailey settled 872 cases. He has yet to find anyone who has ever settled more.

  • Multiple times throughout his career, most recently this year (2018), Bailey fought to get his client a settlement of over six figures in which his client was initially found to be at fault.